Session 5

Growing Our Food Independence

Saturday March 13,2021 9:30-11:00 am

The way we grow food is not sustainable, it is killing the planet, and it is making us sick. In this informative and interactive session, one feisty senior and two keen high school students will show us how we can break free of the corporate controlled food system and start to grow our food independence!


Connie Kuramoto and Dover Bay Secondary Eco Club students Mika and Tian.

Connie Kuramoto has been teaching Horticulture for over 30 years, and gardening for even longer. She was a technician and instructor for Vancouver Island University for 20 years, and currently teaches on contract for North Island College and Gaia College, as well as numerous workshops and talks throughout Vancouver Island and beyond. Connie has worked in the Horticulture Industry in Greenhouses, Market Gardens, Florist Shops, Farms, and has managed her own Horticulture Training and Service Business, Gardens on the Go for nearly ten years. She grows the majority of the vegetables and fruits she eats in her half acre garden. She can provide specialized workshops and training in many different aspects of Horticulture, and is available for pruning, one on one pruning classes, and garden consultations.

About: Dover Bay Eco Club is a student-led volunteer group which helps and promotes the idea and action of protecting the environment. It’s a platform for everybody to contribute to the creation of a greener future and learn more about the natural world. We also aim for the club to be an easygoing place, where members can have fun and feel at home​! (