Vision for Nanaimo

Imagine, for a moment, that it is the year 2040.

Inspired and led by indigenous wisdom, Nanaimo is a sustainable, resilient, close-knit and thriving community. We grow most of our own food; most of our electricity is locally generated from wind, solar and other renewable energy sources; most of our vehicles run on electricity or locally-produced biofuels; we have a thriving economy driven by ecologically-conscious, sustainable, locally-based businesses that provide good-paying jobs with low unemployment. We have built a nearly circular economy that generates very little waste. We have also eliminated homelessness through focused effort and innovative solutions.

2037 was a milestone year for Nanaimo; that was the year that we achieved drawdown, the point at which we started to draw more carbon from the atmosphere than we are releasing into it. In Nanaimo, we have started to reverse global warming!

We are proud of all that we have accomplished; by celebrating our diversity and working closely with all stakeholders, especially our Snuneymuxw brothers and sisters, we have shaped a thriving, sustainable, resilient and caring community in which no one is left behind.

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Transition Nanaimo is a locally based not-for-profit society, that is working to make this vision of Nanaimo a reality. We are part of the global Transition movement, which has over 1,400 Transition communities in 50 countries.

Transition Nanaimo’s mission is to bring people together to make Nanaimo a sustainable and resilient community that is prepared to thrive in the lower-energy, post-carbon world that is coming as we transition away from fossil fuels.