Episode 9B

Link to listen: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/125729760

Segment 9B: “Sacred People Sacred Earth”

Guest: Julia Roberts, Nanaimo Green Faith Circle

Description: Julia tells us about the new Nanaimo Green Faith Circle and their “Sacred People Sacred Earth” event on March 11th. To thank Nanaimo’s Mayor and City Council for their work on climate change and environmental protection, people are invited to purchase a native tree, add a thank you note, and drop it off at Maffeo Sutton Park between 11 and 1 pm on March 11th.

To purchase a tree through Nanaimo Green Faith Circle, click here.

Learn more about Green Faith: https://greenfaith.org

See invitation below for instructions to participate in the March 11th event.

Contact email for more information: nanaimogreenfaith [at] gmail [dot] com.