Episode 18

Link to listen: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/126435801

Title: Humane Animal Husbandry

Guest: Ben Glassen of Glassen Farms

Description: In this episode, we sit down with local farmer Ben Glassen of Glassen Farms. Ben shares how he got into farming, his love for animals, his farm operations (pastured poultry, forest pork and grazed sheep), regenerative agriculture, the benefits of small-scale, humane animal husbandry, and some of his favourite authors, podcasts and movies.


Link to Ben’s website: https://glassenfarms.com

Recommended books and authors: The Unsettling of America (Wendell Barry), Folks, This Ain’t Normal (Joel Salatin), Dr. Temple Grandin

Recommended podcasts: The Intellectual Agrarian (Terrance Layhew); Farm to Table Talk (Rodger Wasson); The Modern Acre (Tim and Tyler Nuss); Farm Small Farm Smart, In Search of Soil, Permaculture Voices, and Grassfed Life (all by Diego Footer)

Recommended movies: Kiss the Ground, The Biggest Little Farm, and The Need to Grow (features the Green Power House)