Session 6

We all eat for a living

Saturday March 13, 2021 11:15-12:45 pm Pacific

We all eat for a living; agriculture is part of our shared history. This presentation aims to rationalize the importance of including agricultural literacy as part of the BC school curriculum. It also touches on the intimate relationships and interconnectedness between the living soils where we cultivate our produce, the splendour of working with plants, the joy of the harvest, and agriculture as the foundation of civilizations.


Chris “Farmer” Brown.

Chris is an agricultural activist, educator, and urban farmer who lives in Nanaimo. He has been farming for the past 9 years and is passionate about solutions-based, regenerative agriculture, and the hope it offers to the challenges of adapting to climate change. Chris understands that “we all eat for a living,” and wants to inspire and educate a new generation of ecologically-minded farmers in our community. We can all contribute because local food solves global problems.

About: “My goal is to help grow a food resilient local economy based on farming. I have observed that there is nothing but potential in the local agricultural movement. I want to help create jobs and opportunities for farmers, support agricultural literacy in our school systems, fill nearby grocery stores with local food, and support biodiversity through regenerative agricultural practices and food forests. Farming is a hope-based profession, and I have never felt more inspired and honoured to grow soil. I hope to help others see the value of farming, and healthy food and soil.” — Chris “Farmer” Brown