Episode 3A: A Vision for Food Security

Guest: Carolyn Herriott, Author, owner of Deep Roots Farm and School, and food security advocate.

Description: What is possible within 5 years if we committed to creating true food security in our communities? Carolyn Herriott has a vision for what that could look like. We discuss her vision and what it would take to make it a reality.

Here is Carolyn Herriott’s 5-year vision for achieving food security in our area (From her Deep Roots Farm and School website):

Imagine where we could be in five years if we had a plan? What would it be like if suddenly ‘Edible landscaping’ became de rigueur, and everyone started growing plants they could eat in their gardens? What would it feel like if people shared backyards and laneways, established micro-farms with ducks chickens, geese, and rabbits, and grew food in allotment gardens? Imagine food and fruit trees growing on boulevards and in public gardens, and urban farms producing substantial amounts of organic fruits and vegetables. We could create a taste of Tuscany where we live!

Farmers markets would thrive as more and more food became available, and young farmers would discover there is good income to be made from growing food after all. ‘Love your Farmer’ would be the most popular bumper sticker on electric cars. There would be food gardens in schoolyards, and education on nutrition and growing food in primary and secondary schools, so that children learn and remember the vital connection between their diet and their health.

Farmers and gardeners would save seeds for future harvests, and community seed banks would spring up to safeguard collective food security. Universities and community colleges would teach sustainable small-scale farming, and institutions and businesses would offer loans and grants to help new farmers get started.

A vision today is the best way to create reality in future. I know from personal experience that growing my own food leads to a good, healthy and happy life, and that’s what I want for all of us. When better to start than now?

The above vision highlights 8 themes or action steps we can take to advance food security in our area:

  1. Help people grow their own food
  2. Encourage people to grow food together/communally (garden share, community gardens, church gardens, etc.)
  3. Grow food (fruit trees, berry bushes, food forests) in public places like parks and boulevards
  4. Support farmers by shopping locally through farmers markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs
  5. Provide incentives and support to help farmers get started and ensure they can earn a good income
  6. Build food literacy through school gardens and by teaching nutrition in our schools and small scale farming in our universities
  7. Save seeds
  8. Encourage and support micro-farms (small scale farms with ducks, chickens, geese, goats, rabbits and other small animals)


Carolyn’s website: https://www.deeprootsfarm.ca/

Carolyn’s books: https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/contributor/author/carolyn-herriot/

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