Episode 2A: Farming in the age of Climate Change

Guest: Seann Dory, Regional Coordinator for BC and Yukon, National Farmers Union (NFU)

Description: Sean shares his experience as a farmer, tells us about the NFU, discusses the challenges farmers face, and offers ideas and suggestions for using farming to tackle climate change.


Website for National Farmers Union: https://www.nfu.ca/

Report on Farming and Climate Change: https://www.nfu.ca/publications/tackling-the-farm-crisis-and-the-climate-crisis/

Flyers on agriculture and carbon emissions: https://www.nfu.ca/campaigns/climate-change/resources/

Report on Food Sovereignty: https://www.nfu.ca/campaigns/food-sovereignty/

Report on “Creating the Foundation for a Climate-friendly, Post-pandemic Food System in Canada” (August 2020): https://www.nfu.ca/policy/creating-the-foundation-for-a-climate-friendly-post-pandemic-food-system-for-canadians/